Nation Partner Search


National Partner Search assists the world’s leading law firms in their strategic growth through lateral partner and practice group recruiting nationwide.  We have crafted a time-tested, targeted approach that yields consistent results, and we do not waste our clients' time.


"We do not place ads because the attorneys that we target are happy where they are and busy with their thriving practices."


When we perform a search for a law firm, we target only the top talent, and we work only with law partners that already have successful practices. We do not place ads because the attorneys that we target are happy where they are and busy with their thriving practices. We excel at finding the needle in the haystack; the attorneys (or practice groups) that are successful as they are, but would be even more successful if they were to find a better platform on which to grow.

As a side benefit to choosing NPS to assist your firm in its lateral partner growth, you will also gain increased recognition in the lateral partner marketplace. Each week, we speak with hundreds of partner level attorneys. If you would like your firm to be on the mind of the top legal talent in the country when they decide to make a move, talk with NPS. Of course, this is free value added. We get paid only if and when we actually place someone at your firm.

Most importantly, we bring integrity, experience, and professionalism to every encounter. We are passionate about what we consider match making. The vast majority of the candidates that we present ultimately receive offers from our clients because in order for us to present them, we must be confident of the fit.

You will never find a recruiter that is more committed to your strategic goals, or that cares more about your firm’s success, than an NPS legal recruiter.

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"Many of us are inundated with lateral candidates all the time, and too many recruiters shotgun-blast candidates to every firm they know. It's a disservice to those candidates and the firms they contact. If it's Jill calling, I know it won't be a waste of anyone's time!"