Nation Partner Search


Even the most successful attorneys can take their practice to the next level by joining a firm that provides a better fit. We frequently receive calls from attorneys that we have placed who are thrilled that they have doubled and tripled their business due to the move. The reason for this is that most often, law partners are at firms that they joined before they decided the direction of their practice. They are not at their current firm due to a well thought out career strategy; they are there because of serendipitous events that took place long before their careers took shape. They are doing well, and they are basically content, but perhaps they have a nagging feeling that their practice can be better.


"Without exception, you decide when and how much information will be divulged to any given firm at any given time."

Still, embarking upon a new firm search can be daunting, and finding someone that you can trust with your career is not easy.  This is where NPS excels.

Attorneys ourselves, we have exceptional insight into the trajectory of an attorney’s career. We know what is necessary to create and enhance a successful law practice. As such, we are constantly monitoring the nation’s firms to learn all of the nuances of their practices, resources, and capabilities.

In addition to the professional characteristics of each firm, we also consistently monitor the culture and underlying tone and tenor of law firms. To us, the fit must work personally as well as professionally.

Most importantly, though, we bring integrity, experience, and dedication to every encounter. We are passionate about our work and obsessive about the confidential nature of our business. We would never leak an attorney’s identity “off the record” as is the practice of many recruiters, and we would never send you to a firm without your express permission. Without exception, you decide when and how much information will be divulged to any given firm at any given time. Moreover, because we have established relationships with the decision makers at law firms, we have the unique ability to ensure that the fewest number of eyes, even within a prospective firm, will see your information.

You will never find a recruiter that is more committed to your goals, or that cares more about your professional satisfaction, than an NPS legal recruiter.

"Wow!  You are the first recruiter to ever give me a straight answer."